This amazing video of the Oscar-nominated song is from Atlantic Records Soundtrack of the movie The Greatest Showman.

Recently I have gotten to the place where I don’t like the person I see in the mirror.  There was a time I sincerely looked at ME and loved ME mind, body, and spirit.

But the world has taught us that being overweight is ugly.  We are supposed to feel shame for letting ourselves get to where we are.  But who is perfect, and if we wait till we are perfect to be lovable then no one would be worthy.

I love this video because it reminds me of something I talked about with a dear friend at dinner.  I am more than my body.  I am a piece of The Divine!  When I was born into this body, I incarnated as a perfect being of Divine Love.  I am still that person.  That is the real ME; life is about remembering who you are.

I want to be a motivational speaker and best selling author.  But I’ve played small because of the shame and embarrasement of where I am physically.  I had lost so much weight and was getting healthy and then gained it all back.  I’ve been ashamed to be where I’m at and did not want to “be seen.”  So I’ve been in hiding.  Not anymore!  This is ME and what you see is BEAUTIFUL!!!

One of my favorite speakers and authors and general shero is Lisa Nichols.  She was in the movie, The Secret and she was a beautiful full figured curvy woman.  She has lost a lot of weight, and she looks fabulous, you can tell she spends a lot of time loving herself and exercising, she is exceptionally cut.  But she was always beautiful.  She said in a YouTube video from Awesome-Fest that if she waited till she was thin to get out there speaking “Lisa Nichols would be the secret.”  It was like something inside me opened up when I heard that.

So no more hiding.  This is ME.

There will always be haters, people who need to shame others and criticize.  People who judge and hurl their cruel words at you, like in the video.  They are just words.  I am a warrior, and if the lashes of others verbal assaults hit me I will proudly wear them as my battle scars and say, “This is ME and what you see is beautiful!”

These are some exercises I pieced together from my teachers/mentors/sheros of self-love, these women have paved the way for the world see “self-love” not as bad thing to criticize and judge but rather as a goal to strive to achieve.

So this post is dedicated to Louise Hay and her mirror work that changed so many lives including mine.  She was a warrior and will be missed; her loss will be felt.

I also thank Christine Arylo the self-love catalyst, another mighty warrior.  I have all her books, and she taught me that falling Madly in Love with Me, one of her fabulous books, is my life’s work, so I can help others do the same.

Thank you, Teal Swan, another warrior for love who showed me that no matter where you are starting even if you have a 0 baseline for self-love it is still possible to overcome it.  Her Youtube videos and books on her journey are life-altering.

Thank you, Lisa Nichols who challenges me to action, she always leaves you wanting to say, “Yes Yes” this warriors personal battle cry.

Of course, I added my spin to the excercise too.

Now if you’ve followed my blog you know I always give a call to action, some homework, a challenge.  So here it is.

My Challenge:

Yes, it’s mirror work time.  Yeah!

Try these exercises for the first 5-10 minutes of your morning for 30 days. You will have a shift. Now because I know that mirror work, especially if you have self-love issues will make you feel uncomfortable and there will be resistance, I challenge you to, “Do it anyway!” You will see a shift if you persist.

This section is the part that I added to help with the resistance.

Get up in the morning and look into your eyes.  Remember that you are not your body or your circumstances.  You are the Divine being who was incarnated into this temporary form.  Even this form has changed over time, you have lived many incarnations in this lifecycle.  You were an infant, a toddler, a child, a teenager, and an adult but, even though your form has changed over time the essence of who you are has always been the pure Divine Love being that entered this form as a baby. (I heard this from Wayne Dyer in an interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday)

You are not your body; you are not your mistakes, you are not your failures, you are not what people say about you, you are a piece of the divine.  They say the eyes are the seat of the soul where you can look deeply into and see you, the real you.  Have an intimate moment with yourself.  Intimacy is basically “Into-me-see, we all seek intimacy but do we ever have intimacy with ourselves.

Life is about remembering who we are. A drop of water in the ocean of The Divine.  We are all energy, and a piece of The Divine, there is nowhere that The Divine is not.  That love energy is in every cell of your body and your DNA, there is nowhere where it stops, and you begin.

So as you gaze deep into your eyes and do this exercise, really look, without judgment, without labels and remember who is living inside there.  Don’t give into the resistance; it will get easier.  Stick to it and keep the promise you made to yourself.  I’m doing it right along-side of you.

Please comment what you’ve been learning or email me at ME@EmpowerYou.Love and tell me all about it.

As you look into your eyes, do the following things.

This affirmation comes from Louise Hay. Put your hand over your heart and say “I love you exactly the way you are.”  Say it three to seven times.  There is something magical about repeating it.

Then do Lisa Nichols exercise.  You can find her talk about it on YouTube. It was also at Awesome-Fest, I will make it to one.  Say to yourself, Maria Elena (Your name here) I’m proud of you for… say seven things, Maria Elena (Your name here) I forgive you for… say seven things, Maria Elena (Your name here) I commit to you… say seven things.  You can put your hand over your heart; it helps to connect with your higher self, the true you.  You may find yourself forgiving yourself for the same things over and over, but eventually, you will see a shift, and that thing won’t come up for you.  My addition is if you can journal what you said and felt after.

I’m attaching the self-love promises from Christine Arylo which I learned from her Self-Love program; I highly recommend signing up or reading her books, wow.  I have these images on every mirror in my house and over my desk. Put them on your mirror, and say them at least three times in the morning or night with your hand over your heart while looking into your eyes.

This is something you can do in addition to the mirror work if you want to take it to the next level.

Ask yourself these questions.

Teal Swan in her book, Shadow Before Dawn said she didn’t know what self-love was she was so broken she could not even comprehend it. So she lived for one year by one question; she used it to make every decision, she asked herself, “What would someone who loves themselves do?”

Again I added these questions because sometimes we know how to help others but don’t know how to help ourselves: What would I tell my best friend?  What do I need right now?

Maria Elena