“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

~ Napoleon Hill

2014 is the year of NO EXCUSES.  There will always be a reason to delay or put off your goals.  The best time to start is now.  I set the goal in 2013 to publish my first book that year.  On December 31st 2013 I did it because I decided I was going to keep the promise I made to myself.  I am now an official author on Kindle and Nook.  Yeah me! So this year I am not going to wait till the last minute to keep my promises to myself.

This is not a dress rehearsal and I am going to live my life and claim my dreams.

I have to admit I have been going through an incredibly challenging situation for too long now.  I have been using it as an excuse for not doing so many things.  But enough!! I am sick of hearing my own excuses.  I have a choice and regardless of the circumstances around me I get to decide how I am going to live my life and who I will be.

Excuses are useless but results are priceless!  I am excited to see what results I am going to see this year as I toss off the chains of complacency and self-pity.  It’s time to turn up the heat and start living.  Who will join me?

My Challenge: Ask yourself what excuses you are making and what price are you paying for them.  Then, Stop it!  Just Do It!  Go for it, you are worth it!


Maria Elena Escobar