“The future hasn’t happened yet and the past is gone.  So I think the only moment we have is right here and now, and I try to make the best of those moments, the moments that I’m in.” ~ Annie Lennox

In this fast paced world we are too busy running, thinking three steps ahead and even finishing each other’s sentences to actually experience the life we are living.  There is this impatience in the air.  I often hear parents lament that while they are at work they are thinking about how much they miss their families and when they are with their families they are thinking about work.  Isn’t it time to get off the hamster wheel and stop, breathe and just be.

I was meditating this morning and I was so tired I kept thinking of how much I just wanted to lie down and sleep for half an hour.  So I lay down because I was too distracted.  But while I was lying there I kept thinking that I should be meditating.  So I got up and started again.  This went on for a while and until I realized I was missing the whole point.  I meditate to be fully present in the moment and to allow myself to feel fully connected, neither of which was happening.

I gave myself permission to lie down but to be fully present in the experience.  I breathed deeply, stopped the struggle and the resistance and peacefully hugged my pillow as I relaxed calmly into my bed.  I realized how grateful I was for my pillow, soft and gushy.  I was grateful for the comfort of my mattress, the warmth of my blanket and I started thinking of all the things I was grateful for in the present moment: a place to sleep, a roof over my head, food to eat and the list went on and on.  It was the best meditation ever.  I thought this is what I needed to learn today, I want to be fully present in whatever I do.  If I am relaxing then that is OK.  If I am grateful, at peace and fully present as I relax then, I am where I need to be.

What if just for one day you choose: for today I will be fully present in each moment?  As you eat your meal, stop and taste the flavor and eat mindfully, not rushed or while on the computer, driving or in front of the TV, but at the table fully present.  As you talk to people, listen, without thinking of what you are going to say next, just be fully present, make eye contact and hear what they are saying.  Whatever you do, be in the now.

Now is all we really have.  It is a powerful place to live.  You can’t breathe in the past or in the future, only now.  The future hasn’t happened yet and the past is done.  Now is all that is real!

When we recognize that now is all there is and we fully embrace it we realize that forgiveness is effortless, the past is gone, now is all that is.  We can fully enjoy each moment with gratitude fully experiencing every abundant gift we have because we are not looking for what we are going to be doing next or what we should be doing, we are just fully experiencing each moment.  Feel the textures, see the colors, smell the aromas, hear the music and the laughter, taste the flavors and let each moment explode in Technicolor as the incredible moment it is.  We will not get it again!  Experience the wonder of now!

My challenge: Just for today, as an experiment, remind yourself to live fully present in the now.  When you do you will realize that you will Never live Outside the Wonder and magnificence that is your life!


Maria Escobar