“In order to listen, we have to make space for someone else to participate in the conversation.” ~ Jenna Hall, The Daily Love

I was drawn to this blog post today in the daily Love, Listening… Do You Do It? written by, Jenna Hall.  It caught my attention because during a visioning/meditation session I was doing this morning I kept thinking about the act of giving someone my sacred attention.  In this techno age where everyone is texting or checking email, actual focused undivided listening is rare.

The other thing is how common place it is to be interrupted by the kids or distractions.  I can’t remember the last time I was able to complete a thought with certain people in my life who have children. To be honest I do find myself trying to fit in what I need to say as fast as possible so I get to get it out.  When I was a kid it was understood you do not interrupt Mom on the phone.  In this “I want attention now society”, kids today think nothing about interrupting a million times while you are talking.

I consider it an act of love to really pay attention when someone is talking; I consider it sacred attention because it tells the person, “right now you are the only thing that matters.”  I made a promise to myself to be fully present and listen fully when people are speaking. No interrupting, no multitasking, no checking email, just listening and giving my undivided sacred attention.

I like what Jenna had to say.   She shared that some people are so enthusiastic when they share about their life and what they’re doing the conversation is one sided.  I admit I am guilty of being so passionate about my purpose that sharing is more like asking people to drink from a fire hose. I am going to be more aware and make space for someone else to participate in the conversation more.

As I thought about what it means to truly give sacred attention, I was convicted about not interrupting.  I am really working on changing that.  I realize that is an area where I am not showing love and it is incredibly selfish to think what I have to say is more important than letting someone complete a thought.  I apologize to anyone I have ever done that to.  I am determined that this will become my strength and as an act of love I will learn to consistently make every effort to give the people in my life my sacred attention from now on.

How about you, can you relate?

My Challenge: For the next week make a decision that when someone is talking to you, in person or on the phone, you will give your undivided sacred attention.  No typing or checking email while they’re talking.  No texting.  If in person, make eye contact and demonstrate genuine interest.  If on the phone don’t let others distract you from being a good friend.  Love them enough to give them your sacred attention.

Maria Elena Escobar