October is the time for change are you ready?

October is the time for change are you ready?

Attitude is Everything!

I have been MIA for what feels like forever.  This has been a rough year.  Since January I have been in the Hospital 8 times and had 4 surgeries.  I have not blogged and feel real disconnected from the world.  Too much time alone.

Well today is day one of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and what better time to reconnect.  I have to admit I have been feeling sad and lonely.  I miss being part of the world of service.  So this is part of my new attitude I am going to reconnect with myself and all of those people out there who believe this world can be a more loving place.  I hope you find this video inspiring.  It gave me a boost.

I hope today you take these lessons and run with them.

Lots of love!


Maria Elena Escobar

I’m Growing Younger Every Day

I’m Growing Younger Every Day


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Life is short and it is easy to major in the minors.  The things that we allow to take up the major part of our life are really the minor things that really don’t matter. Unless you choose to live by design you will be living by default.  This is it.  Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.  There are no do-overs, so make it count.

Are you running your life or is your life running you?  Have you gotten so busy doing that you’re not living?  I have started to schedule myself into my day again.  I make time to replenish and to do something for me.  This is recent.  I used to do it on a regular basis and then I got so busy being busy that I stopped living my passion, stopped doing what I love and stopped nurturing the parts of me the renew me.

I love this picture. I can so picture myself doing that.  Age is really relative.  I have met some people who are chronologically young and act like they are old and worn.  I have met people who have lived many years but live life to the fullest and have a young vibrant spirit full of wonder and joy.  It is a choice who you will be.  As for me I am determined to grow younger every day!

My Challenge:  Do something fun, go on an adventure, pull out your markers and color, play, dance, do what makes you feel young and alive.  Do it today!  This is not a dress rehearsal!

Maria Elena Escobar

10 Simple Keys to Living an Empowered and Happy Life

10 Simple Keys to Living an Empowered and Happy Life

happiness is a choice

1. Be grateful – When you stop and see the blessings all around you, you will learn to be happy as a habit.  Think of all the things you are grateful for.  Count your blessings not your troubles.

2. Be original – Don’t waste energy trying to fit in, the original masterpiece you are is so much better than a copy of someone else.  Recognize your magnificence.

3. Keep it simple – Don’t over-complicate things by worrying and focusing on things you have no control of, now is all you have, enjoy the moment.  Be present, live on purpose.  Remember you are a spiritual being, the trappings of the ego will not bring you peace and joy; find your peace in simplicity.

4. Love – It is really simple, Love God, Love your neighbor and Love yourself.  If you do these things all you will create a life of joy and happiness.  Perfect love drives out fear, when you live your life making the most loving decision your capable of in each moment; you will live fearlessly and be truly empowered.

5. Be kind – It is impossible to refresh others without being refreshed.  If you are having a hard time, find someone to encourage.  It is impossible to be discouraged when you are encouraging someone else.  Small random acts of kindness speak volumes to someone who I having a difficult day.

6. Forgive – When you release the burden of anger and forgive you free yourself to enjoy your life without the bondage of hate and bitterness, you take back your power and the other person no longer has a hold on you.  Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself.

7. Don’t take things personally – How others treat you is a reflection of them not of you.  They have their own drama, release the need to get others approval or to have others like you.  If others are unkind, it has nothing to do with you, let it go.

8. Take time to experience the wonder – Nature, children and animals all can bring peace and joy into our lives.  Take time to go for a walk with a child and experience the world through their eyes.  Spend time in nature and recognize the wonder.  Imitate the simple kindness and loyalty of a dog, they just love.  Life is full of wonder, get you some.

9. Do something creative – We are spiritual beings created to be creators.  When you step into your creativity you ignite the part of your soul that is connected to the source of all creation.  Find any creative outlet that makes you sing: cooking, art, music, writing, gardening, organizing your closet, the list is endless.  Don’t die with your song unsung.

10. Be social – We are not meant to live in isolation.  Call a friend.  Go for a walk and start a conversation with a stranger.  Do something to interact with someone in a significant way.  Leave them better than you found them.

These are some of the things I try to follow as I walk my path.  I hope they inspire and help you to live a more happy empowered life.


Maria Elena Escobar



Today I Choose to Be Grateful

Today I Choose to Be Grateful


“Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” ~ Kahlil Gibron

I was talking to a good friend today about abundance, sometimes it is hard to believe and attract abundance when you feel financial lack and scarcity in your life.  I have been having some challenges with lack of money but I have faith that all will work out for my good.  Still that little part of me can’t help but look at the reality that I don’t have any money.  Iyanla Vanzant, says, “Never say you are broke, say you are temporarily without funds.”  I love that. The law of attraction says we attract what we put our attention on.  I decided to focus on what I have and not, what I don’t have.  I am changing my vibration from scarcity to abundance.  How? Gratitude.

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears” ~ Anthony Robbins

The truth is my life is so abundant and I have so much to be grateful for.  It is a choice to be grateful and it can change everything.  What if today, we were just grateful for everything?  As we go through our day we can find countless things to be grateful for, and taking the second to acknowledge it makes all the difference.  When we stop and say thank you throughout the day for what appears to be the little things that we take for granted, we discover the little things are really our unmet wants.

When you wake up: say, “Thank you I am alive another day” there are many people who are not so lucky.  Every breath is a miracle.

When you go to the bathroom: say, “Thank you for indoor plumbing” there are many people who do not have bathrooms or indoor plumbing yet we take it for granted.

When you open the fridge: say, “Thank you that I have a fridge, thank you that I have food to eat” everyday people die of starvation somewhere in the world, there are people who consider themselves lucky if they find something to eat out of a garbage can, you can choose to be grateful.

When your kids are running around driving you nuts: say, “Thank you that I have healthy children, thank you they can breathe, have legs, are alive, etc.” there are parents who only see their children when they go to their grave or sit at their bedside in the Hospital as they lay there fighting for life.

When you sleep in your bed: say, “Thank you I have a warm bed to sleep in, thank you I have a roof over my head” there are people who lost their homes in disasters, people sleeping on the street and people living in real need.

When you grumble about having to carry the clean laundry up the stairs: say, “thank you I have access to clean cloths, thank you that I can walk” there are people who only have one or two outfits and they are torn and dirty, there are people who are paralyzed and would be grateful to just walk.

It is a simple shift of perspective. I can go on all day listing our blessings.  If you can read this on a computer you probably have many of the ones I listed and countless more.  I know firsthand times are tough, I don’t even have a dollar to buy food to be honest, literally, but boy am I blessed and man-o-man is my life abundant.

My Challenge: What if today we were just grateful for everything? Stop throughout the day and say thank you for your blessings.


Maria Elena Escobar



What You Resist Persists

What You Resist Persists


Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.

~ Eckhart Tolle

Yesterday I listened to a DVD by Eckhart Tolle called The Flowering of Human Consciousness: Everyone’s Life Purpose.  Something he said really hit me; he said stress is resistance to what is happening in the present moment.  Instead of resisting the current circumstances he recommends just to allow it to be as it is and be the observer, we are the conscious observers of what is happening, it does not define us.  So many people get their identity from their experiences.  We are not our experiences.

What we resist persists.  If we want to experience serenity we need to accept without attachment, surrender to what is in a sense.  I think it is like when you are learning to swim when you fight and flail you sink, soon as you surrender to the water and stop resisting, you float.

This really has me thinking.  The crux of the DVD was on how we form identity and discover who we are.  Some people get their identity from what they do, what they have, what they know, what they think and so many other external things.  These things are not who we are.  The fact is all these things are just part of what our ego uses to tell us who we are, when in reality we are  spacious spiritual beings of divine love just temporarily taking up residence in these physical forms having these experiences and things, but they are not who we are.

“What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

As I was saying we are not our experiences.  Too many people get their identity from their victim story.  It is one thing to tell your story as way of showing how God has transformed you and used your circumstances to create in you the person you were meant to be in the world.  It is another thing to allow your negative experiences to define who you are.  I am talking about this incessant need to slip in how you were a victim into whatever circumstance you are currently in as if it has become your identity.

“You are a creator; you create with your every thought. You often create by default, for you are getting what you are giving your attention to wanted or unwanted but you know by how it feels if what you are getting (creating) is what you are wanting or if it is not what you are wanting. (Where is your attention focused?)” ~ Abraham Hicks

Some people attract chaos and misery to themselves because their identity has become that of the victim.  You can tell when someone is over the past, when they can talk about it without it getting them emotional, it is the past not currently happening.  In contrast someone with the victim identity is  always getting overwhelmed and focusing on their problems in life as who they are and saying, “these things always happen to me.”  If you find yourself identifying yourself with being a victim you can change and take your power back.

Anyone who has heard about the law of attraction knows that what we focus our attention on is what we attract.  If you think about our problems, financial scarcity and how we were victimized then that is what we will attract.  If we are spending energy resisting bad things that happen then that energy will continue to attract those things.  Stress is just resisting what is now.  What if instead you focused on what you don’t want you focused on what you wanted to attract?

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

Thinking about how we create our experience by what we pay attention to gave me an idea.  So I made a challenge for myself that I am only going to focus my attention on my blessings and to not judge, complain or be critical for one week.  Every time I am tempted to complain or have a judgmental critical thought I am going to stop breathe and think before I speak.  I know it won’t be easy but I want to focus on my blessings instead of complaining.  I want to see the pure divine love in others instead of their external actions, which is not who they are.  Basically I choose to love.

My challenge: Join me in this challenge and share what you are learning about yourself, I would love your comments.


Maria Elena Escobar

What You Resist Persists

Don’t Worry Be Happy


“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles; it empties today of its strength.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom

One song I really love is: Don’t Worry Be Happy, it is actually the ring tone on my phone.  Worry is a choice.  We can decide not to worry, how great is that?  It is a command, don’t worry be happy.  Happiness is a choice.  We can decide to be happy.  Just make a decision, so simple.

I have been learning a lot lately about the importance of now.  The future has not happened yet, the past is done and all we have is “now”.  As part my morning meditation practice I have been doing this guided meditation by Caroline Myss where she talks about how living in the present and recognizing it is all there is makes loving so much easier because no one has done anything to you.  I love that, what if we could leave behind the trespasses of others that even happened yesterday, it is gone they have not done anything to hurt me now, now is all there is.  Start each moment with a clean slate.

Taking the concept into the future you realize that you never have to worry.  It has not happened yet so why waste energy and emotions on one of a million possible futures, now is all there is.  So often we make ourselves crazy, work ourselves up into a frenzy just imaging all the things that could go wrong, as Einstein says, “Worry is a waste of imagination.” You can create your future by the choices you make now so the future is covered; you want to change your future make different choices, simple.  No need to worry.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” ~ Alan Kay

Troubles will come but stress is optional, fear is optional and worry is optional.  What will you choose?  As for me I am going to choose to be happy, who wants to join me?

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future.  If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” ~ Lao Tzu

My challenge: Just for today decide I am not going to worry.  When those troublesome thoughts enter your head allow them to float by and say to them “you’re not real, you have no power here.”  Decide to be happy.


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Maria Elena Escobar